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Metal Allergies

What Triggers Them?

You know, we get a lot of people that are concerned about allergies, metal allergies, and we have a couple of options, and we sit down and talk to clients about what a metal allergy looks like and what metals would best fit for them. 

The higher the gold karat that you consider in buying a piece of jewelry, the less likely that you will be allergic. Pure gold is something that people just do not have an allergic reaction to. It's the other alloys that we blend or mix with gold that are what people oftentimes do become allergic to over a period of time.

So when it comes to doing 14 karat, most of the population will not be allergic to 14 karat. If there is somebody that does have an allergy that's sensitive to nickel, the higher the karat, the less likely they will be allergic. So 18 karat would be something we may discuss.

If we go with platinum, platinum is going to be 95% pure. So the small amount of trace metals that we add to platinum will be in a lower percentage, so really should guarantee that that person that may be allergic to a nickel allergy, won't be allergic because the amount of nickel or amount of other trace metals that would be added would be so minor. So platinum would definitely be a way that we would recommend or a way we would consider if somebody is concerned about an allergy.

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Metal Allergies

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