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Sizing a Ring

Quick Turnaround & Affordable

If you're coming in to have a ring repaired, Schmidt's Jewelry would love to get that repair taken for you quickly.

If we're sizing a ring, we can do that within just a small handful of days. But we'll accurately size you here at our store. We'll determine how you're going to wear the ring, what the width is because all of these things do determine how a ring will fit. Also, living here in Fargo, North Dakota, where we can have 40 degree below temperature all the way up to a hundred degree above. We have such volatile temperature swings that that can really change how a ring fits and how a ring feels, so, we'll properly walk you through the education of that. We can take care of sizing a ring very quick and very efficiently for you.

I always like to mention sizings, though we do them all the time, are probably one of the most cost-effective things that we can do to get that ring to fit you perfectly. So, if you've been contemplating what sizing a ring might be, the cost can be as low as $35. Don't wait to size a ring. Stop on in and let us help you with that and help navigate you to make sure that ring fits properly.




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Sizing a Ring

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