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Center Stone

Engagement Ring Center Stone Options

We have so many clients right now coming in and they're so open to what that center stone in that engagement ring's going to be.

There's so much inspiration out there with social media to be able to design and to create your own ring, using stones outside the traditional realm of diamond. We can talk a little bit about some of the diamond alternatives, such as a lab grown diamond or what we call Moissanite, which are some options if you still want the look in a sense of what diamond might bring to the table, but for whatever reason don't want the technical mined from the earth diamond.

Otherwise we can look at all kinds of colored stone options. So, if you want the durability, I would say sapphire is wonderful. It offers so many color options. So if you're into blue, if you're into pink, if you're into purple, sapphire allows for all those shades of color, but adds the durability, next of hardness to a diamond.

So, if you're looking for something that will have brilliance and sparkle, but will still make a great everyday piece, sapphire's a wonderful secondary choice.




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Center Stone

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