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Buying Decision

What karat of metal should I buy?

When it comes to deciding what's the right choice for carat of metal, a lot of times we're seeing guys go with 10 karat gold, just for added durability. Their lifestyles, their hobbies are such, where the 10 carat tends to wear and just show less of the everyday wear and tear marks.

When it comes to women's rings, 14 karat has been the standard within the United States. We will sometimes consider 18 karat as an accent metal or a specialty metal that we might bring into a ring project. Oftentimes I will try to talk a client out of doing 18 carat, if we're doing a lot of prong work, because the 18 carat prongs can lend themselves to being more soft and a little bit more brittle and can show wear over an extended period of time.




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Buying Decision

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