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Custom Engagement Rings

Often Custom Cost Less

If you are overwhelmed by all of the different options when looking to buy an engagement ring, and maybe your girlfriend is sitting beside you at night with the iPad in her lap, and she loves tons of different things.

She loves halo. She loves split shank. She loves shared prongs. She loves solitaires. And you're going, "Oh my goodness, how am I going to pick one ring design and put several of those different unique features or pieces into one ring?"

Don't worry. By stopping into Schmidt's Gems and Fine Jewelry, we specialize in custom. And what does custom mean for you?

First, custom allows you the flexibility to be able to put all of the different features that she may be asking for into one specific ring design that we can create just for her, so it's one of a kind, not preassembled, not cookie cutter, but designer for her and for your budget.

We can do rings for as low as hundreds of dollars, on up to thousands of dollars where we can create and fabricate her beautiful, one of a kind idea that we can make come to life here at Schmidt's Gems and Fine Jewelry.

The beautiful thing about custom is you are completely in the driver's seat. All of your ideas, all of the diamonds that you wish to use, all of the creation that you've maybe doodled on a napkin can come to life. We show it to you in a CAD program, so we can build it on the computer. We can actually do a 3D wax replica or a model of the ring, let you come in, critique it, approve it, and then we can make it in any metal.

If you like rose gold, white gold, yellow gold, or want to consider platinum, all of those options we do right here in house.

The great thing about custom is it's no more expensive than buying a ring out of the showcase. You are in the driver's seat, and you're working directly with us here at Schmidt's Gems & Fine Jewelry. No middleman, no high priced designer. You're working direct with us so we can keep your costs low and create a ring that fits your budget.

Stop in to our Fargo store location and speak to one of our engagement ring experts.




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Custom Engagement Rings

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