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Asscher Cut

This unique shape is square and has a pavilion that is cut with rectangular facets.

This beautifully unique shape is nearly identical to the emerald-cut, except that it is square. Also, this shape has a pavilion that is cut with rectangular facets in the same style as the emerald-cut. If you choose SI-clarity make sure to view the clarity plot on the diamond certificate, because this shape highlights the clarity of the diamond. When choosing a color grade, consider that while the price of a J-color non-round diamond is exceptional, color may be slightly visible in its corners. 

All Asscher-cut diamonds from Schmidt’s Gems and Fine Jewelry will appear square, because each one is guaranteed to have a length-to-width ratio between 1.00 and 1.05. For our ideal Asscher-cut diamond, visit our Fargo location.


GIA and AGS Diamond Certification


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Asscher Cut